Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working Layout

So, the site might be a little messy for the next week or so. I'm sorry. I'm working on it. I changed the background, I love it :), and then soon I will make a new picture for the header. I dont know what it should look like though, I have NO IDEAS! Any thoughts? It would really help me. I want to do a christmas layout but then once i get it up, I'll have to take it down again, and I dont have much time for that.

For other news, I am going to be having a contest soon. I already have that one up, but it will be up for a while. So I think I might have a New Years' ish contest. Then you will tell me which book you are more excited for the 2010 year, and I will choose two winners. Both will tell me which book they want and I'll get it for them. Sound simple enough? More about it soon so keep checking back.
. . . and hopefully I will have my layout finished next time. x.