Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy December CONEST!!

Sorry I've been out for a while, but so many things have happened and things are also being settled. Like, I am going to two trips across the world during the summer, now this is a contest and will end in the month of June so plenty of time.
You are going to guess where I am going, both places. Whoever is the closest, where I am going, you can ask for anything. It doesn't have to be related to books. It can be something personalized, or something other people have but you can only get in that country.

So how is that for a challenge. And the more people you get to answer, the more you get to answer, and take another guess. You must be a follower new or old, and you must guess the two places I will be going. Please leave your e-mail.

Open for everyone!

Please Use This Registration Form



Jessy said...

I'm having problems opening the form. Is it just me?

Jenna said...

Sorry about that. It's all fixed. :)