Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Southampton Trailer for the Week

Man, that went by slow, and fast, depending on how you looked at it. The countless times i thought if JEC was mad at me, bored of me, or just plain annoyed, wanting rid of me. Pictures though, can say a thousand words. Most of them happy, others tragic. You never know what might come from taking a picture, and showing it around. As you watch the clouds go by, you relize, even if i do one thing, someone else in the world, probably doesn't care, because they have it better, or worse. There is an in between, but only if you want it to happen. So that's why we biked to the graveyard, watering flowers for thoughs who have died, old, young. ( Even the fake flowers we watered. My mistake. ) But just to know that, even if we didn't know these people, we could sit by, and hopefully put a smile on their faces while their grave's have been abandonned by loved ones, because sadness, and greif comes flooding back into our lives, something we try to live without. We wonder if when we sat by that big tree, if they have ever wanted to, or sat their as well, looking down on us, and longing for company and heart.