Saturday, July 4, 2009

GRAND opening?....

Well who knows what this might bring us, but i made this for people like me. People who have a love for reading and want to find more books to read. Most blogs have all the same books, but my focus is on bringing on the fantasy, romance, fictional books that many teen girls love, and ( but with very very very slim chance ) boys. ... awkward.

Who says that we have to read all the same books as everyone else, or go out and do something. We fight it, and sometimes we can't give in to the pressure of curling up in whatever season, and read till our imaginations are on overdrive, and have massive headaches from all the information we have sucked up, with more questions hoping for our answer. I am not asking for hope in being a charity case, only one that actually has meaning. Everyone can see themselves as someone else, but the true treasure in life is being who you are, and doing whatever the hell you want. ( I'm very bad with authority figures. ) Come back soon, there will be more, i promise.

( i mean it, i have about 7 books to read, and will have to finish in a week. )