Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello Again !!

Woah! This has been very weird. I've taken a break from reading, and blogging, but yet i couldnt help myself. I had to buy more books, and now my big-ish pile of reading has turned into a huge pile of reading. So while i feel up to blogging, Ill post a couple reviews. maybe. Also, in advance, Im sorry, the reviews may not be very good or long, its been a while, and im not fully sure about this.
It might be the layout, if i change it, I'll probably get into the mood of reading and reviewing again. Thanks for waiting, and wow thanks a lot to the others who started to follow even after i left. Pretty cool. Anyways Ill shut up, cause either you dont wanna read a really long note about me or your not reading it at all and are just going to skip to what im reviewing or what is coming out, I dont blame you. Just if you are, you would be a big help in telling me what you think i should do with the layout? That would be a big help, and youd get credit for your idea. :)
Thanks everyonee. x. x.