Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation by Simone Elkeles

Guess who’s jetting off to the Holy Land this summer!

Yes, it’s me—Amy Nelson-Barak. I’ve volunteered for ten days of military training in Israel with my friends. The Sababa brochure said it would be a “fun” summer experience. Okay, so I didn’t sign up to prove I’m not a princess…I did it to surprise my hot Israeli boyfriend stationed at the same base.

Too bad nobody told me:

- It’s hot in the Negev desert…like, so hot your makeup melts off and you get under-boob sweat spots.

- You can’t sleep in until 11 a.m.

- You shouldn’t kill bees with your flatiron—don’t ask.

- Peeing in a hole isn’t easy (when you’re a girl)—double don’t ask.

When I find out our team leader is my boyfriend Avi, I’m totally psyched…until I learn he has to treat me like all the other recruits. Can you say OY VEY!

Pages: 264

This book was laugh-out loud funny! So many adventures are taken and risks. Amy just wants to know whats going on and control the situation, but in the end she seems to get everything in perfect place again. She is true to herself and what she wants, but while on her runs, falls, and shootings, she also becomes "warrior woman". Simone did an excellent job in writing and playing out the plot.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize there were two other books before this one until after I read it. Even so, I didn't notice. I was able to know what was happening, who everyone was, and understood everything easily. It was very entertaining, and sadly short. I would love to read more of Amy's story or one of her friends. They are all different characters altogether.

Amy makes her boyfriend seem like a Greek god. But the Greek gods can be deceiving. It's a story about trying to in fact ruin your boyfriend's reputation, and get him back. x.


Lauren said...

Great review! I LOVE the How to Ruin.. Series. Also, you should definitely check out Perfect Chemistry and Leaving Paradise by her too since you liked this.