Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Movie = Which Side?

So I just went to see the New Moon Movie, and it was really good. The script was better, acting was better, visuals were better aswell. I loved the Wolves, they were awesome and adorable, and Taylor Lautner's muscles. . .my god, you could pass out. I'm not even joking. I enjoyed every minute of that movie and would go see it again, hell, I probably will. The only thing I really didnt like was when the camera twirled around; i started to get dizzy; and when the months passed, Bella never changed her clothes. . .it was interesting, but not really too bothered by it, I just thought it was funny. The big annoyance; no offense, was when "Edward" aka RPatz, took off his shirt during the festival, it was nothing screaming over. And sorry for thoughs, who have to hear this and are on Team Edward; after seeing the movie, I am all for Team Jacob.


Ashley said...

I am an Edward fan, though, I must say...Taylor Lautner has an amazing body that I could not look away from! He was gorgeous, even with the weird wig I don't like. Edward is the...handsome, not hot, I think, and he's too pale. I like a man with a tan. :] I didn't care much for the twirly monthly scene either. Even if it showed her with like, a different shirt on or something, that would have made it a bit better. I hated the ending, because I didn't want it to end! I just wanted the whole story to continue on, and end with Breaking Dawn! :]