Monday, October 5, 2009

The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Can love last beyond the grave?Sylvie Davis is a ballerina who can’t dance. A broken leg ended her career, but Sylvie’s pain runs deeper. What broke her heart was her father’s death, and what’s breaking her spirit is her mother’s remarriage—a union that’s only driven an even deeper wedge into their already tenuous relationship. Uprooting her from her Manhattan apartment and shipping her to Alabama is her mother’s solution for Sylvie’s unhappiness. Her father’s cousin is restoring a family home in a town rich with her family’s history. And that’s where things start to get shady. As it turns out, her family has a lot more history than Sylvie ever knew. More unnerving, though, are the two guys that she can’t stop thinking about. Shawn Maddox, the resident golden boy, seems to be perfect in every way. But Rhys—a handsome, mysterious foreign guest of her cousin’s—has a hold on her that she doesn’t quite understand. Then she starts seeing things. Sylvie’s lost nearly everything—is she starting to lose her mind as well?

I really loved this book, and it took me a while to read, which is good. I can't stop thinking of it. It has to be one of my favorite books. The story was totally different than what I thought it was going to be, and most of it was unpredictable. I really ended up liking Sylvie and am in love with Rhys (pronounced Reese) All i was to do is read this book over and over, it was that good. Also, I really like the cover, its simple and elegant. Clement-Moore has written this story beautifully, and researched a lot. It was very detailed. Great story, and very unique. x.