Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Vampire Diaries Series by L.J Smith ( 1 )

The Awakening: The most haunting love triangle of all. Two vampire brothers, one good and one evil, are in love with the same beautiful girl. Stefan meets Elena, and falls for her instantly. But he swears never to approach her because of his dark secret. On the other hand, Elena has sworn to make Stefan hers or die.

The Struggle:Damon is haunting Elena’s footsteps; coaxing and coercing her by turns. Stefan desperately tries to protect her from his brother. And Elena is having her blood drawn by two separate vampires. Meanwhile Caroline plots to expose Elena in front of the entire town. Can things get worse? They do, when Elena drives too fast over an unsafe bridge and drowns.

REVIEW: L.J Smith is one of my favorite authors. You may think this book is about a love triangle but there is so much more that goes on. They face love, and death. It is a great mix. There are no words to describe how great these books are. So you better go get 'em! x.